King Kongtent Plans

Flexible Monthly

Full access to the King Kongtent Plan services with full flexibility. There is a deposit fee to start and a rolling monthly contract after that. You can stop at any time as long as you give us a month’s notice.

6 Months Plan

Cost-effective King Kongtent Plan where you’ll pay a deposit fee to start and commit to a rolling 6-month contract at a reduced weekly fee.

12 Months Plan

Your most cost-effective and results-oriented King Kongtent Plan. You’ll pay a deposit fee to start and commit to a rolling 12-month contract at the lowest weekly fee.

Customisable Packages

As well as our standard plans, we offer tailored packages. Get in touch with our team and tell us your content requirements.

What is included
in a King Kongtent Plan?

Initial Project Meeting

We meet up with you to learn more about your business and how to create a bulletproof content strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

SEO Audit and Keyword Research

In the first two weeks we conduct an in-depth SEO audit to identify the foundational issues affecting your site’s performance. Concurrently we perform a competitor analysis and keyword research, assisting you to select the right keywords to increase your website’s traffic and ranking.

Tailored Content Strategy

In week three we design a content planner that will push your website to the front pages of search engines. Our content planner includes one type of content per week (a blog, an infographic, a whitepaper) designed to create interest, raise awareness, drive engagement, and generate leads.

Link Building Strategy

From the third week onwards, we generate new high-quality backlinks to your website. We research, source and outreach performing Domain Authority websites to improve your website’s traffic, rank, and reputation.

Social Media Posting and Promotion

Content is King, but Distribution is Queen. We believe in publishing great high-quality content and ensuring it gets seen by your target audience. Since social media is the most effective way to promote and measure, our plans include a credit of $15 per article per week for social media promotion. We select the best social media platforms for your business, where we post and promote the content we write for you, every week.

Ongoing Optimisation

We conduct ongoing optimisation via internal and external keyword links each time new content is produced. We also monitor keywords and traffic analytics, conduct site audits, and position tracking.

Monthly Reports

We are results-oriented and accountable. At the end of each month we send you a monthly report on Keyword KPIs, Backlinks Outreach, and social media engagement measuring our strategy success and providing recommendations for improvement.

How it works

Sign Up

Select the King Kongtent Plan that suits your business goals via our Online Form.

Outline Creation

Based on your content requirements, our team will draft an outline of the work to be done for your project and send it to you for approval.

We Get Started

After we get your approval on the work outline, we'll get started and provide you monthly reports for monitoring success.

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King Kongtent

King Kongtent Plans

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